Friday, June 27, 2008

Evident Church in Action

I'd like to give a special thanks to James & Shannon Waid for taking all these great shots. These are just the first few to come through, but they look awesome! Thanks James & Shannon!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Media from 1st Preview Service

We had a little fun at our first preview service revealing our church's name. We (I) definitely need some acting classes, but I think you'll find this humorous anyway. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Enter... Evident Church!

To give you an update on our 1st Preview Service, I thought I'd just let you in on portions of a team email that was sent out recapping the day.

Email sent to Launch Team, June 15 PM:

Hey Team... or should I say Evident Church!

(Disclaimer: I want to thank God first and foremost. Anything good that happened today is only by and through Him. He has been so good to us!)

Wow! Oh my goodness! What an amazing day! God is so good! You all did an amazing job!

Enough with all the exclamation points but seriously you all did amazing. It was so cool to see the vision in reality. You guys pulled it off, that was it, that was the vision! We have some tweaking to do (and a constant ear to the voice and Spirit of God), but that was it.

Tim... the music, you, and the band were phenominal!

Matt... thanks for reminding us about real man fuel (wings!), seriously great job!

Team Leaders... you all knocked it out of the park!

Every single volunteer did everything with a great attitude and with excellence... what a team! (change of venue? no big deal!)

During several conversations with Matt and Ameen (Portable Church guys), they mentioned how impressed they were with all of you and the team that God has brought together. I couldn't agree more! This is amazing to be a part of.

Here's the run down on the morning:
- 140-people were a part of the day!!!
(that is excellent! don't be discouraged if people you invited didn't come, keep inviting and we'll keep cranking out experiences you'd be proud and excited to bring them to!)
- Every single kid had a blast, many had to be drug away at the end of the morning
- God was worshiped
- The gospel was preached
- Many lives were impacted
- I didn't throw up... it was a good day!

- The plan is to have DVD's of the worship experience for the entire Launch Team this coming Sunday (June 22) at our team meeting.
- You'll want to get familiar with the church's website! We'll be using this as one of our key tools.
- Our next Launch Team Meeting is June 22, 5pm, Parkside Community Church (if someone is willing to host this celebration at their house I'd rather do that - let me know!)

We'll officially be celebrating and giving feedback about the day at our next Launch Team Meeting (Team Leaders, don't forget we're meeting early at 4:30pm to debrief), but I'd love to hear your stories and get some dialogue going even now. Feel free to respond back and "reply all" to include the whole team. I'd love to hear what everyone's saying.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is an honor to serve with you guys. Today was so much fun, can't wait to do it again next month! Let me hear from ya.

In Christ,

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have been pretty absent from the blog world lately. You wouldn't believe how busy we've been. And this week leading up to our first preview has been amazing (in all kinds of ways)

Honestly, the best way to bring you up to speed would be simply to have you head to and look around. We have our first public service this weekend, pray like crazy that God does what only God can do. This is His church and we are looking forward to worshiping Him this weekend! God is good (and our team has been amazing!)!

I'll update you on the flip-side!