Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The God of Real-Estate

God is a lot of things, one more thing He is... He is the God of Real-Estate. It's all His, right?! He moves it, keeps it, preserves it, and spends it any way He wants. God is up to something big and going to blow us away with what He has planned. He blew me away when HE sold our house in 5-days!!! (They offered our asking price!) Who are we kidding? God is the God of ALL things, including Real-Estate!

Spying out the land...
I also just got back from spending a great couple days in the metro Detroit area. I spent some time driving around and driving around and driving around some more (thanks Jim and Kevin!). Here's what I came away with... THERE ARE SOOO MANY PEOPLE AND THEY NEED JESUS! There are a lot of great places for a church in the Metro Detroit Area, please pray that as God sold our real-estate in 5-days He would point us to the real-estate (ie - community of people) He wants to reach and change for Jesus.

God is up to something and He's going to blow us away!