Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take-Aways & Housekeeping

Can I just say that the guys at Eastlake rock! I just got back from visiting a couple year old church plant called Eastlake Community Church in Kirkland, WA (a Missionary Church). They are going like gang busters and reaching the unchurched 80% in their community. They are boldly leading a church that is laser focused on reaching people. I came back so challenged and fired up!

My biggest take-aways from my trip to Eastlake:

1) You can be simple AND effective. You don't have to do a huge production every week to reach people. Just make it simple, clear, and relevant and people will come.

2) Hold followers of Christ to high standards. At Eastlake you don't lead until you've proven you can follow. To be a leader at ECC you must first serve at least four months in some other area. They also don't pull any punches when it comes to tithing. If you don't tithe, you don't lead - period! And they ask too. They're serious about it. Why? Because tithing/giving is a great indicator of spiritual maturity and it also tells you where a person's heart is. People may say they're committed, but if they're not backing it financially who are we kidding.

3) The mission is way too important to worry about what others think. Whenever we get real serious about reaching the unchurched Christians get real nervous. Most of my life I've been really concerned about that. Most of the time this mindset keeps us play it safe and usually renders us ineffective (or at least mildly effective). Jesus and Jesus alone need to be the CEO and Senior Leader of our churches and not popular opinion. The mission is too important to let what other's think sidetrack us.

Pre-Launch Gathering DATE CHANGED!
-Dec. 2 Pre-Launch Gathering moved to Dec. 9
-Macomb Township Recreation Center
-Child-Watch Provided