Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Power of Partnerships

The more I do what I do, the more I realize the power of partnerships. It's actually ALL about partnerships. Think about all the things you couldn't do if there were no partnerships... in society, in business, in recreation, in faith, in friendship, in family. Everything we do in life comes back to partnerships.

An important question then is how good are you at creating lasting and meaningful partnerships? It's a question worth thinking about. Here are a few thoughts on good and bad partnerships:

- not all partnerships are good
- good partnerships should be mutually beneficial
- bad partnerships leave people used and abused
- in all partnerships sometimes you give, sometimes you get
- always make sure they receive more from the partnership than you do (do this, and you'll never run out of strong partnerships)

We are very thankful for the doors of partnership that are being opened up to us. The most recent partner happens to be a community organization that hosts several key community events each year. We have the privilege of joining with them on an upcoming Easter event. Without a doubt it is a great win for us, now our goal is to make it as big a win for them as possible.

God is defintely giving us favor and uniquely positioning us for great things!