Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our 3rd Preview Service was great! It was different than all the rest by design but God was there! We talked about that fact that faith should simplify our lives and that Jesus took a very complicated religious scene and boiled it down to just two things... love God completely and love others correctly (Matthew 22:34-40).

And then we talked about how we have been wired to worship. Whether we're raving about the latest movie or the newest phone, or screaming at the TV as our favorite team wins (or looses) the big game (I admit, I was screaming in excitement as Michael Phelps won gold medal #8!) we have been hard wired to worship! We spend billions of dollars every year because we love to heap praise on things that are excellent or praiseworthy.

The problem comes in that we often choose to worship things that don't sustain us. They don't hold our attention for long and it's no surprise because they were never designed to. Only God is able to sustain us fully and completely in worship. And worship isn't music and words, worship is a lifestyle, a focus of attention and affection.

AvaRae is at that age when she realizes when I'm gone and it really bothers her. She balls when I leave to go to work (my home office downstairs)! Then, the stage is set for a great reunion when I come home. She can hear me walking up the stairs and gets really excited! I hit the top of the stairs, get down on her level, and she comes running (as fast as a 14-month old can). I'm looking forward to this amazing embrace and hug from my girl when all of a sudden, about two steps from my arms, she makes a quick turn and runs right past me! Evidently she saw a Cheerio or a bird (who knows what). I know she'll grow out of it and be knocking me over with her hugs in no time, but for now it's a pretty good picture of what we do with God. We bypass the worship of God for lesser things. We end up worshipping creation (His stuff) when we could (and should) be worship the Creator (Him).

There's one sure and quick way to find out if you're worshipping God or not. Are you living for you? Or are you living for Him?

We are extremely excited to be heading into our Grand Opening (September 21, 2008, Seneca Middle School, 10am). I really think we're ready (with God's help and by God's grace). We had several more people give their lives to Christ at our last service and we are hungry for more life-change! If there is any way possible you can come to our Grand Opening, we think it would be well worth your time, and it would be a huge help and encouragement to us. Drag anyone and everyone you can with you, this is a once in a life-time opportunity!