Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday Recap

We are grateful for God's grace that he continues to pour out on us week after week.  Very excited about what God's doing at Evident.  Here’s a quick recap of the weekend:
- Evident stepped up and really invited.  Very proud of them for that.  This is the most momentum and influence I’ve felt as a church since we launched.  Saw a ton of first-timers, had one guy come who hadn’t been in church for 38-yrs.
- Evident had it's biggest weekend ever since our grand opening!  We had 173 in attendance and 10 decisions for Christ!!!  I hesitate posting numbers because I know how sidetracked they can get me but at the same time I didn't want to miss this opportunity for my church and others to celebrate with us on this.  It was a great day and honestly what I'm most excited about is just what I see God doing in and thru Evident these days (10-decisions for Christ... awesome!!).
- Our staff, leaders, and volunteers are AMAZING.  They all showed up yesterday with amazing attitudes, ready to serve, do things well, and celebrate Jesus.  Kids, worship, guest services, portability... everyone knocked it out of the park.  Thank you for all you do!
- Felt compelled to preach a resurrection apologetic (you can hear it here, click media). God was faithful and really used it.
- Thanks for everyone who prayed, invited, and laid it out there for Easter!  Don’t get discouraged if your family or friends didn’t come or didn’t make a decision for Christ.  Keep working on them, we know God is.
- This Sunday we kick-off a really important new series this called “Love is the Movement based primarily out of the book of Acts.  Really looking forward to going deeper in relationships and connections with each other through it.
Again, so grateful for God’s grace and a great weekend.  Keep inviting!  Can’t wait to see what he’s going to do this week!