Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for Christmas? As I sit here prepping my Christmas Eve message for Evident Church, I'm challenged with the importance of getting myself ready personally for this Christmas season. Christmas is here but there is still a lot I can do and need to do to make sure my focus in on Jesus instead of EVERYTHING else.  I'm getting my own heart and mind ready for Christmas by re-reading the events surrounding Jesus' birth and spending time thinking about what it would have been like and what it means for me today. I'm reading passages like Isaiah 7 & 9, Matthew 1-3, Luke 1-2, John 1, and others. As I've been doing this I've been amazed at what God is showing me. Christmas is awesome! It's like I'm a kid again. I truly can't wait to celebrate with my church family, come together and sing Christmas songs, read the narratives together, and remember the beautiful amazing incarnation - God becoming man. So whether I'm ready for Christmas or not, it's here. But I'm more committed than ever to making sure He's my focus and I'm ready for Him.

Here are a few helpful resources to help you get ready:
- Advent Bible Reading Plans
- North Point Christmas: Let There Be Light
- Hillsong: We Have a Savior
- Paul Baloche: Christmas Worship
- Kim Walker-Smith: When Christmas Comes