Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Location! Location! Location!

The following proposal was submitted to and approved by the Missionary Church Michigan Distrct, Church Multiplication Team!

crossing the JORDAN: Metro Detroit Church Plant
Date: September 11, 2007
To: Missionary Church Michigan District, Church Multiplication Team (CMT)
From: Josh Hossler, Metro Detroit Church Plant
Re: Church Plant Location Proposal

After much prayer, research, counsel, and deliberation, I am ready to request location approval for the Metro Detroit Church Plant.

The location that I believe God is calling me to, leading me to, and giving me a heart for is the Macomb Township area on the north side of Detroit. I have spent time driving around pretty much of the entire Metro Detroit area, praying the entire way, seeking God’s direction, asking for Him to give clarity to what He’s doing in Metro Detroit. Several areas seemed good to me, but God has given me a peace and clarity about Macomb Township unlike any other area.

While this area was also an area that others were interested in, I believe I have also arrived at this location independently. Initially I felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the Macomb Township area. But after spending more time there, God gave me a peace and even the beginnings of a heart and passion for the people there. The more I’ve “tested” this idea in prayer and with others, the more God has confirmed it to me.

There are many reasons why I believe this is the area God is calling me to. Its demographics match the kind of area I felt lead to plant in (rapidly growing, young professionals, suburban). I believe we’ll be a good fit for this area. There is little evangelical church presence here. I am sensing a strong heart and passion for the people in this area. And I have definitely sensed God’s leading and confirmation to this area.

Early on, when we sensed God calling us to be a part of starting this new church, I prayed, “God, help me!” God flipped that prayer to, “God, how can I help you? What are you doing in the Metro Detroit Area that you want to use my gifts and abilities for?” And since, I have sensed God saying to me, “Josh, this is what I am doing (Macomb Township). I want to use you to start this new church in Macomb.”

Sincerely In Christ,

Josh Hossler
Metro Detroit Church Planter
Office: 586.286.1472

Macomb Township, MI
Area: 36-Square Miles
Population: 75,000 (increased 49% from 2000)
Race: 95% White
Median Age: 34
Average Household Income: $95,000
Work Force: 65% White Collar; 35% Blue Collar
Married: 71%
Estimated Unreached: 50,000-60,000
Evangelical Churches: 3