Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We just finished up our "tour" at the 5-Lead Team Churches (see names and links on right side of page) that have teamed up to help us launch this new church. These churches and these pastors are truly my heroes. I only hope I can one day be as unselfish a leader as they are being by partnering on this thing.

I've also been blown away at the willingness of other churches to come along side of us in this project and cheer us on with their encouragement and significant financial support. God is definitely resourcing his church. God is up to something and we're along for the ride!

Just for fun... (a few church names/logos that didn't make the list)

(these are a few of the names of the Pastors of the LEAD Team churches)
Sorry guys, these didn't make the cut. Although feel free to use them for your own churches and communities. I'm sure they'll love 'em! Thanks for your partnership.