Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thank God for Colonial Woods because...

God has answered immense and unimaginable prayer. I've never imagined the ways God might provide and resource His church. All we knew when God called us to launch a new church was that the task was pretty unbelievable. One of my greatest fears was that God had given us a great vision, but that it would be under resourced. Let me tell you, God is definitely resourcing His church!

I would have never imagined nearly ten years ago when our family moved away from Colonial Woods Missionary Church (Port Huron, MI) that I would have found myself back there. And not just back, but preaching from the very stage that my dad spend so many years of his ministry preaching from. This past Saturday and Sunday (9/29&30) I had the privilege of sharing for a few minutes in each of Colonial Woods' weekend services about the work that God is doing in Macomb. The reason for my visit... to unveil the partnership between Colonial Woods and the Metro Detroit Church Plant.

Colonial Woods has become a serious partner in our project, along with the LEAD Team Churches. I cannot tell you how encouraged I am as a young pastor to know that there are so many people willing to not just cheer us on, but to come along side of us in significant ways to help us get the job done. We're not there yet with raising our start up costs, but we're much much closer. We praise God for moving and resourcing in ways we never expected!