Friday, July 18, 2008

2nd Preview!

Just a heads-up, our second preview service is this weekend! As of today (Friday), the school still has power and we're good to go (what a wild ride last month). We really believe that God wants to do significant things not only in general through this new church, but specifically this weekend.

Evident Church
July 20, 10am
Sequoyah Elementary School
18500 24-Mile Rd.
Macomb, MI 48042

A few things to pray for:
- protection for our team (health, sanity, circumcstances)
- the right people to be at our service
- soft and ready hearts to hear from God
- Jesus to be made evident
- people to take steps closer to God
- people to accept Christ

Things we're praising God for:
- an amazing team
- a great and clear vision
- blessings of resources
- life in Christ
- great school to meet in
- grace and favor in the community
- the Spirit of God at work in us and the world

Thanks for all your prayers and support! If you're anywhere in the area it would be awesome to see you Sunday. If you know anyone in the area, you could be their connection to Evident Church... and to Christ.

I'll post again after this weekend to let you know how things go and what God does!

ps - we added a few new things to the site