Sunday, July 06, 2008

Church on the Beach

I think one of the best ways to be like Jesus and the early church is to have church on the beach! This is definitely one way to grow your launch team. We had a really good time this morning at Stoney Creek Metropark. We worshipped together and enjoy some good old-fashion fun-in-the-sun!

One of the things we looked at in Scripture was Acts 1:1-12 where Jesus gives some last instructions to his "launch team". Basically he said to wait for the Spirit, and when the Spirit is present there is power... power to do things you can't normally do. One of the key things the Spirit gives us power for is relationships - power to be one (united in purpose), power to be the body (different but working together), power to bear with one another. What better witness can we be than to show the world that Jesus is alive by how we relate to one another as his followers? Then we spent some time sharing what we appreciate about each other. It was good stuff, we have a great team!

Thanks Matt & Shannon for putting this together! Thanks Matt for not wearing your speedo.

I love my girls! (eating their icee-pops)