Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Life You Were Meant to Live - Wk1

Sunday we launched a new series "The Life You Were Meant to Live". Here's a quick recap of week 1.

Main Points from Sunday's Message
Genesis 1, 2:4-17
- Life without meaning is empty. Most men lead lives of quiet desperation (Thoreau).
- God "formed" us, special above all creation, no mistakes, no regrets, no oops.
- Then, God gave us physical and moral responsibility. We're accountable to him.
- Simply put, we cannot know who we are apart from knowing who He is.

A few added thoughts from Sunday’s message...
For a bit Sunday, I harped on the idea that our generation (I realize there are several represented and I think this is probably true of all of them) rarely thinks deeply about life. That’s probably not totally true. Many people do think deeply, but their thought lacks guidance. New age thinking would also tell us to think deeply and look inside ourselves (The gospel according to Oprah). The truth is, deep introspection without the guidance of Scripture is dangerous. We cannot find ourselves within ourselves. This merely leads to relativism and hedonism. No, we don’t find ourselves simply by looking within. We find ourselves within the pages of Scripture. It acts as a mirror reveal who we really are (James 1). As I said Sunday, we can only truly know who we are by understanding our creation and our re-creation (second birth). We can only know who we are by knowing who Christ is, and there is no greater more concrete way to know Christ than the pages of God’s Word. So I pray that you think deeply this week, and may your meditation be on the laws and precepts of God as found in His Word.