Friday, April 11, 2008

How Much Does Your Vision Cost

I'm a little angry about vision:

Vision should and does drive everything.

Your lack of vision might be costing you more than you know (What's your vision/dream for your family, faith, future, finances? An even better, what's GOD's vision/dream for these things?).

Vision should cost you something.

If your vision doesn't cost you anything it isn't worth anything.

If the leader you're following isn't challenging you to give everything, he probably isn't taking you anywhere worth going.

If you find something worth following, it's worth giving your life to. If you find something worth giving your life to, it's worth following.

If you aren't having to sacrifice, I guarantee you will not end up where you want to. There is no way you're going to end up where you want to end up by coasting. The only way to coast is down hill.

How much does your vision cost?
How much is it costing you to pursue your dream, the preferred future for your life? What kinds of sacrifices are you having to make to propel you toward your vision (I'm not talking about sacrifices you have to make because you've been lazy and now this is where you find yourself. And I'm not talking about sacrificing the things that matter most (like family and faith) to pursue selfish ends. I'm talking about deliberate choices that will ultimately help catapult you toward your vision.). Are you following someone, something that is challenging you to go to greater levels of sacrifice? If you're not being challenged to give it all, you probably don't have a vision worth following. What's your vision/dream? How much does your vision cost?