Tuesday, April 01, 2008

namethatchurch.com UPDATE

Many of you have been asking, so I thought it was about time to give you an update on namethatchurch.com.

So far it's been going great. It's generated some great interest and low level buzz. It hasn't exactly lit the community on fire yet, but I think there's still some great potential for that. We have some things coming up that I think will really help get this thing rolling in the next few weeks. We'll keep you posted.

By the numbers:
- so far, we've tallied several hundred votes
- we've received over 30 name suggestions (several decent names, several humorous ones)

Here are a few that won't make it past the panel:
St. Josh Hossler Community Byzantine Church
Hosta Church (a take off of "Hossler")

- the two most popular names so far have been Evident Church and Faithbridge Church (you can view an updated list of the names at http://www.namethatchurch.com/)

The greatest thing so far is just the opportunities namethatchurch.com has given us to share and engage people in conversations about the church (here's one example). I personally have found myself talking to people and asking for their input that I otherwise wouldn't be talking to about the church yet. And in addition to that, we've heard some great stories of how the news of namethatchurch.com is spreading throughout the Macomb community on it's own. People on our team have bumped into people in the community that started telling them about it!

I really think namethatchurch.com is going to help create some awareness in Macomb that we otherwise would be able to create. We're extremely excited about moving closer to our outreach events and summer preview services and we believe God can use namethatchurch.com to help build some great momentum!

Feel free to comment and share your stories.